Areas of activity


The organization works for the purpose of joint concerted actions of the youth wing of the public. The purpose of the work is the institutional development of the youth environment of the region, increasing the capacity of the members of the organization to perform statutory duties and building public movement in the key to sustainable development of the young person. Today, the union includes more than 20 organizations working with young people who have different membership numbers.
The governing body is the Board of Governors and Chairman of the Board, which has the right to sign on behalf of the Union. To date, the Board of Directors consists of 10 people, 60% of whom are women. The organization has a control and revision commission consisting of 3 people who are selected from among non-governmental non-governmental activists.


KCmj0TMeEa4 Free premises for events and youth work, regardless of registration, direction of activity.
P1eOQpVBPUw Resource center, equipment for activities and work. At the moment there are: sound amplifying equipment, projectors, microphones, plasma, screens, car, other equipment. You can get free resources from the administrator.