Areas of activity

Goals and targets

The organization works in order to consolidate of activities, projects and initiatives aimed at solving urgent problems of Dnipropetrovsk region and effective development of local communities

Priority directions of activity:

  • formation of leadership skills among representatives of local self-government bodies for effective community development
  • achievement of women and men' parity in all spheres of society's life
  • youth activation for the implementation of social initiatives and projects
  • popularization of the intangible cultural heritage of Dnipropetrovsk region
  • promotion of a healthy lifestyle, physical and cultural development

Directions of our initiatives

Gender and leadership

  • The course of political leadership (a series of trainings and seminars to enhance leadership skills in the field of public management and the introduction of new management methods)
  • All-Ukrainian Forum "Equal Rights – Great Opportunities"
  • Memorandum on cooperation between the regional council and NGOs dealing with gender issues
  • Photo exhibition on combating professional discrimination and gender stereotypes
  • Gender analysis of regional programs of the regional council
  • Social surveys on gender discrimination
  • The region's gender portrait for 2017
  • Youth Competition for creation a cartoon film on gender topics
  • Competition for young people to create a video of gender orientation
  • Competition for young people to create a poster "Woman can do everything"

Healthy lifestyle

  • Psychological conversations and support for single mothers with children in the social center of mother and child
  • Sports and recreational activities for children and youth to promote the development of physical culture and sports
  • Psychological trainings for parents and children to solve problems of education and relationships
  • Art therapy for children with special needs and mothers of fallen soldiers ATO in the Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum
  • Social training for young people to promote healthy lifestyles
  • "Super Dad" social flashmob among the population on the family roles' distribution

Cultural heritage

  • Popularization of the Intangible Cultural Heritage' Elements of Dnipropetrovsk Region: Cossack Songs and Petrykivka Painting
  • Master classes for children from socially vulnerable groups of the population
  • Regional talent festival for local communities
  • Folklore expeditions
  • 5-day training for community representatives on the implementation of the ICH Convention
  • Scientific and Practical Conference "By preserving traditions educate generations"