Top 5 books to achieve goals in the new year


Time eating salads and watching Christmas movies comes to an end. 🥪🥙🖥 An important stage is coming – the formation of new ambitious and large-scale goals. A selection of interesting books to plan tasks and motivate you to conquer new heights will help you with this.🧗🏽‍♀️🏆📚 1. “Mini habits. Maxi results”, Stephen Geis. When planning to change your life for the better, do not try to comprehend the immeasurable. Don’t set global goals – you will create an extra reason for stress and, most likely, you will fail. And all because our brains are programmed to resist significant change, because stability is the key to survival. Stephen Geis has br...

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How to become a leader?


How to become a leader? Is it possible to cultivate a leader, or is it an innate talent? Is it possible to learn this and acquire these skills on your own without resorting to expensive courses? These issues always become an urgent topic for discussion and debate. My answer is yes, if you have the desire, inspiration and perseverance. If you dream of doing something important, inspiring and motivating people, or if you have the willpower to achieve any goals, this task is within your power. To begin with, it is necessary to understand what leadership is in general. Leadership is the ability to awaken in people the dream they will approach, to “breathe” the ...

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HOW TO BALANCE INNER FEELINGS – tips for psychologists


HOW TO BALANCE INNER FEELINGS Until what age is a woman considered young? Until recently, the age limit for youth was considered to be 35 years. But in 2015, the World Health Organization extended this period to 44 years. The average age now ends at 60. And only then begins the slope. By the way, the ancient scientist Pythagoras identified human life with the seasons, each of which lasted 20 years: spring - the beginning and development of life - from birth to 20 years; summer - youth - from 20 to 40 years; autumn - flowering - from 40 to 60 years; winter - extinction - from 60 to 80 years. I propose to talk about the so-called “velvet season” of our lives ...

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Lina Kostenko. A woman who inspires


We continue our column “Woman who inspires”. This time we want to share interesting facts about the talented writer and poet – Lina Kostenko. An iron woman who married twice and renounced the title of Hero of Ukraine. More details at the link:Video

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Let’s watch our backs,girls!


Girls, do you want to know how to keep your back healthy? My advice is for those who find in their busy schedule at least 30 minutes a day for simple exercises. Sedentary work and heavy bags that we carry home are health enemies in general and our spine in the first place. Medicines for the spine will not work. So my tips: * Don’t turn yourself into a scrap horse. One extra pound and your spine will not stand. * Accustom yourself to the correct poses. For sleep – a hard bed, a low pillow. For the seat – a hard chair, the seat of which should be shorter than the thigh, and the height should be equal to the height of the shin. Do not flop on a chair, an...

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