About women in art


Let’s talk about women in art. We are accustomed to the fact that most artists are men. In 2017, a team of researchers from the Luxembourg School of Finance, led by Professor Roman Kraussl, investigated the level of the value of the artist’s work on his gender and found that the work of female artists is much lower. The gender gap in the art world is obvious: women are much less represented in galleries, in permanent museum exhibits and in temporary exhibitions. In particular, only 29% of solo exhibitions organized over the past decade at the American Whitney Museum were dedicated to women artists, 25% – in the Tate Modern Gallery in London, 16% ̵...

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Personal boundaries. How to determine whether they are violated?


Personal boundaries. How to determine whether they are violated? The topic of covering personal boundaries and their violations is probably one of the most popular in the Internet space. Whether we like it or not, every day we interact with a large number of people: be it our relatives, friends, acquaintances, co-workers or just a person standing nearby. So, how this interaction will take place and how it will affect us and our condition – depends only on us. What are personal boundaries and how to determine if they are violated? Boundaries define a person, his capabilities, desires, search and relationships with other people. If a person’s physical border ...

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A woman who inspires. Kateryna Bilokur


A woman who inspires. Kateryna Bilokur Continuing to be inspired by talented women, today we want to share interesting facts from the life of Kateryna Bilokur, a Ukrainian artist in the genre of naive art, a master of folk decorative painting. She is one of the most famous women of ancient and modern Ukraine. – At the age of 6 she learned to read, but her parents did not send her to school to save money on clothes and shoes; – Parents did not approve of painting and forbade to do it, because they thought it would distract from housework and harm marriage; – Secretly from her parents, the artist painted with carbon on a white canvas and washed it each ...

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Top 5 books to feel the breath of spring


Top 5 books to feel the breath of spring With the arrival of spring, we feel the need for sunshine, a light breath of wind and a new inspirational book. We present to your attention our selection. 1. April Sorcery, Ray Bradbury This is a very simple, short and clear story. About what happens when in the spring the soul demands new pleasant impressions and feelings. And about how beautiful and charming unrequited love is with its special nauseating aftertaste. This story is almost weightless. But it has a lot of spring, emotions and occasions to remember and communicate with yourself. 2. Dream Shelter, Erich Maria Remarque The Dream Shelter is an artist’s guest ho...

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Essay 1. TYPOLOGY OF SOCIAL CHARACTER OF UNPRODUCTIVE ORIENTATION What an interesting creature – a human! The sun is shining – it’s hot! It’s snowing – it’s cold! The rain is dripping – it’s wet. And the morning is gloomy. And the mood wants to be better. And incomprehensible anxiety in the soul. What is being done with the character? You start to understand and it gets even sadder. But if you look at it … it’s not so bad. You just need to realize the cause of failure, make the right decision and it will immediately become easier. Anxiety is the first reaction to an obvious or imaginary danger, and a constant ...

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