Виховуємо відчуття свободи вибору та права на власну думку з дитинства. Презентували фахівчиням, які працюють з дітьми, наш новий проєкт – розмальовку для учнів 1-5 класів «ГЕНДЕР В МАЛЮНКАХ». Над наповненням книжки працювала художниця Дніпропетровського художнього музею та професійні психологині й освітяни. Свої думки щодо значущості нашої розмальовки висловили представниці ювенальної служби й національної поліції, громадських організацій гендерного спрямування, вчителі молодших класів й працівники спеціалізованих освітянських закладів, бібліотекарі й батьки дітей молодшого шкільного віку. Загальна оцінка – “відмінно”. За оцінкою професіоналок, таких...

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Presentation of WOMEN plus on TV


WOMEN plus will be 5 years old in two months. We talk on Channel 11 about our experience, bright social projects and about the prospects and tasks we set for ourselves. Interesting meaningful conversation. A lot has been done. Dozens of trainings on women’s leadership and health, creative initiatives, sports competitions, youth projects. We already have thousands of supporters and like-minded people. We make plans for the future. Let’s move forward✌️

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Petrykivka painting for hearing-impaired children


You understand the beautiful with your heart. On the day of people who do not hear the world, together with the specialists of the regional center of public health WOMEN plus presented a meeting with art to deaf students of the Dnieper State College of Technology and Design. May these bright Petrykivka flowers, born at the hands of these wonderful children, give everyone joy and inspire optimism and faith in the best in their hearts.

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support the partnership with the Red Cross


Today our friends and partners in good deeds – Dnipropetrovsk regional organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine – reported on their work. Over the years, we have had so many interesting charity projects that WOMEN plus has come to support these caring and active people! Thank you for your cooperation and generate new ideas.

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Talked about women’s health with young people


How to protect women’s health, prevent unwanted pregnancies – was discussed with students of the Dnieper College of Railway Transport. Usually young people do not discuss this with adults, but today this topic was raised by our colleagues from the regional Health Center. We talked about the dangers of abortion and advised how best to protect yourself from it. We believe that our stories will help young people take the right steps. Last year, 6 girls under the age of 14 years old, 88 girls aged 15-17 and 230 girls aged 18-19 aborted their pregnancies in Dnipropetrovsk region. In total, the number of abortions last year reached a sad mark of 8,301, which is 1...

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