Spring meetings with ICH


At the initiative of the Laboratory of Folklore and Ethnography of the Dnepropetrovsk Academy of Music named after M. Glinka held spring meetings. The first All-Ukrainian scientific-methodical online seminar on the preservation and development of the elements of the ICH “Living Heritage: Spring Meetings in the Dnieper” became a platform for communication of specialists caring for intangible heritage. Almost 60 participants from Dnipropetrovsk and Cherkasy regions discussed topical issues: inventory of ICH elements and maintaining local lists, reporting on measures to protect the ICH element “Cossack’s Songs of Dnipropetrovsk Region” and lo...

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Online communication with women entrepreneurs


WOMEN plus joined online communication with women entrepreneurs. Our colleague Lyudmila Leonova offered interesting ideas on how to survive in the quarantine period, not to lose optimism and discover new opportunities? Most of the women’s business is the beauty industry, service sector, hotel and restaurant and tourism. These areas have suffered the most in the pandemic. By supporting each other, we become stronger!

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Teach how to preserve the health of a child


We continue the meetings within the cycle “Doctors – for youth!”. Together with the specialists of the Regional Center of Public Health WOMEN plus visited the multiple winners of the Regional Festival of Talents – choreographic group “Nadiya” from Pishchanska territorial community. Children studied eye charge, measured blood pressure and body weight, answered questions from medical quizzes. Small fears of doctors quickly disappeared, and useful delicacies became a reward for a useful time!

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Gender mainstreaming is not just a matter of conversation. Together with Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs, the Gender Portrait of the region was presented. There is a fundamental scientific work that will be useful for both scientists and employees in decision-making, both specialists in various fields and community members. The round table discussed gender roles and stereotypes, women’s and men’s rights, gender in health, education, science, culture, law enforcement … The issue is relevant and very important. The work continues. To view the portrait, click on the title: Gender portrait of Dnipropetrovsk region 2020

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A pandemic has a woman’s face


This pandemic has affected everyone. But, perhaps, women still found themselves in the most difficult situation. How to maintain family balance and protect children during quarantine? Where to get legal aid? More than 80 offline and online participants from cities and districts of the region joined the discussion of these difficult topics during the round table “A pandemic has a woman’s face.” WOMEN plus invited everyone to a dialogue and presented their activities. We take care of women together!

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