Festival of sport, health and emotions gathered friends


For the second year in a row, together with the regional organization “Spartak” and ME “Representation of Prydniprovia”, NGO WOMEN plus hold park volleyball competitions for the Victoriia Oreshina Cup – our compatriot, European champion, champion of the World Masters Games, ten-time champion of the Cup of Ukraine. The competition was attended by 10 volleyball teams from Dnipro, Pershotravensk, Kamiansky, Ternivka, Slobozhansky, Magdalinivsky and Tsarychansky districts of Dnipropetrovsk region and the cities of Berdyansk and Zaporozhye. Every game of the athletes was bright and emotional. The professionalism of the athletes and the loud sup...

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Learning the legends of Prydniprovia


Legends of Dnipropetrovsk region! Thanks to the competition among local lore museums and libraries, we open our region as a land of legends and myths, extraordinary stories of antiquity and modernity. WOMEN plus received more than 160 presentations from 70 participants from different parts of the region. From the legends submitted to the competition, we learn about the origin of the names of villages, rivers, the tragic and happy pages of the lives of our ancestors. Soon the legends of Dnipropetrovsk region will appear on the regional tourist site tourism.dp.gov.ua

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The first stage of the Regional Festival of Talents has come to an end. The competition commission considered 32 applications – video presentations from territorial communities. The most popular direction was “Creative”, where were chosen the best 10 applications of 117! In the direction of “Heritage” were chosen 9 best, in “Culinary” – 5 of them. Online voting on the site tourism.dp.gov.ua from 04 to 12 August is still ahead. Let’s choose our favorites!

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The fairy tale is over … It’s time to write a new one!


The competition of amateur storytellers from Dnipropetrovsk region has come to an end. We congratulate our winners – Larysa Yatskiv from Marhanets, Valentyna Pustova from Chaplyne, Olena Shvets-Vasina from Dnipro, Maria Druzhko from Kamyansky, Victoria Zhuravel from Dnipro, Alla Ivanova from Marhanets and almost 60 other participants of our competition. Thank you to all participants and members of the jury for the pleasant time we spent together. Let’s move on!

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The contest of dreamers-poets is over


Wonderful poetry contest “DREAM!” from NGO WOMEN plus completed. 35 authors sent us 64 poems. We contributed a bit of warmth, romance and kindness to the social networks where the contest took place. Rewarding soon)))

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