Useful knowledge for everyone


“Useful knowledge for everyone” – this is the slogan of an article in the corporate newspaper DCH STEEL about first aid training in Dnipropetrovsk region. For the third month in a row, the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council and the NGO “WOMEN Plus” are conducting online trainings on first aid (Dnipro, Ukraine). More than 20 trainings have already been conducted for more than 2,000 people. Among the participants: workers in education, social sphere, culture, tourism, sports and social protection, students of universities and colleges, volunteers, workers of industrial enterprises, representatives of territorial communities of Dnipropetrovsk re...

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Theatrical performances for vulnerable groups


Modern realities form a general state of anxiety. That is why it is important to be filled with joyful and bright events from time to time. Such properties are possessed by the theater, which pulls a person out of the traditional environment in which he is daily. Theater is the strongest antidepressant, which gives a lot of positive emotions and improves mood. Currently, theaters organize performances in Dnipropetrovsk region for women and children, the elderly – for the most vulnerable. NGO WOMEN plus joined the organization of such shows, which have already taken place: – for migrants in the city of Pidhorodne – a puppet show for adults “Zache...

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Free audio resources for adults and children


Recommendation from the NGO “WOMEN Plus”! On the official website of our partner – Dnipropetrovsk Regional Universal Scientific Library named after the first Slavic teachers Cyril and Methodius (Ukraine) have books that can be not only read but also listened to. The library page contains links to where you can find books for adults and children in various genres – from fairy tales to detective stories by Ukrainian and foreign authors. An audiobook is an invaluable opportunity to get positive emotions by combining reading with any everyday activities.

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Dnipropetrovsk region is an island of security for IDPs


Currently, a large population of Ukraine is leaving their places of permanent residence, moving to safer areas. Dnipropetrovsk region has become one of the “security islands” in eastern Ukraine, where more than 60,000 people have already moved. One of the places where internally displaced persons stayed was the sanatorium of Dnipropetrovsk region, where a delegation arrived to check the sanitary and hygienic conditions of people. The delegation included doctors, practical psychologists, epidemiologists of regional institutions, including the director of the regional center of public health, a colleague of the NGO “WOMEN plus” Nataliia Garmash. C...

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Meeting with a psychologist


Why is it important to live in the present? How to switch and not loop? How to deal with emotions and feelings of anxiety? These and many other topics were discussed with Olena Shilova, a psychologist and partner of the NGO “Women Plus”. Today, as never before, it is necessary to communicate with a psychologist, support each other, be able to hear and help not only with deeds, but also with words. Because all our worries are about the future, we need to learn to live in the present, sometimes opening the door to the past and the future. #ukraine #psycho #support

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