Congratulations to the winners of the “Unexpected Petrykivka” contest

Summed up the results of the regional competition of children’s art “Unexpected Petrykivka”.

60 participants! 18 winners in 3 nominations!
Among the original children’s works – toys, jewelry, drawings, wood products and puzzles, paintings, etc. Winners and nominees received congratulations on-line and off-line and received wonderful gifts and diplomas not only from the NGO “WOMEN Plus” (Liliia Gurenko, Iryna Korchemakha) and the Academy of Continuing Education (Oksana Buturlina), but also from of our colleagues – the historical museum named after Yavornytsky (Juliia Pischanska), the Center of Folk Art “Dyvokrai” (Victor Bonyak) and the Art Museum (Serhii Nesmachnyi). Some awards were given by Interpipe.
Awards received on-line will be sent to everyone by mail! And the winners and nominees were waiting for a master class on decorating toys with Petrykivka painting from the master Oksana Bazylevska.

So our winners in the category “Unexpected Petrykivka”:
👍House of creativity of children and youth of Kamianske – Vladyslav Taranukh, Dasha Chopenko;
👍Alexandrivsky ZZSO of Shirokiv district – Ivanyk Mykola, Kryukov Yegor, Talposh Matviy, Chaika Andriy;
👍Kryvyi Rih Secondary School No. 108 – Spivak Anastasia;
👍Center of creativity of children and youth of Pavlograd – Rakytyanska Sofia, Vychugzhanina Maryana, Kozlenko Daria, Bychkova Anastasia

-winners in the nomination “Petrykivska toy”:
👍Center of children’s creativity in Ternivka – Kostenko Daria;
👍Kryvyi Rih Gymnasium No. 127 – Moskalyov Yegor;
👍House of creativity of children and youth of Kamianske – Astafyev Victor, Simyanyk Alexander

– winners in the nomination “Easter pysanka”:
👍Center for Children’s Creativity in Ternivka – Kostenko Daria, Zavgorodnya Vira
👍Synelnykivska Secondary School of I – III grades No. 5 – Khomchenko Kateryna.

Congratulations to all who took part in our competition, who appreciate and promote Petrykivka painting!