Cossack songs of Dnipropetrovsk region: report on measures to protect the element

The report on measures for protection of the element of intangible cultural heritage “Cossack’s songs of Dnipropetrovsk region” was presented to the cultural community of Dnipropetrovsk region.

Every 4 years we have to submit such information to the UNESCO Committee, which in 2016 included our Cossack songs in the list of human heritage in need of urgent protection. We prepared together with all communities, collectives and structures involved in this important event.

We thank all those who not only preserve the culture of our people, but also promote it around the world – Pidgorodne city OTG, Bogdanivska, Verbkivska, Mezhyritska and Troitska village OTG Pavlograd district, regional association of local governments.