Have an active rest, even during the break

Have an active rest, even during the break.

Our new sports project started under this name together with “Spartak” and “Regional Center of Public Health”. Its potential participants are collective teams of enterprises of the region, which will apply for participation to Spartak by August 26, 2022.

The project program includes the following types of competitions: checkers, chess, darts, table tennis, ring toss, press (lying exercise), elbow bar (physical exercise).

Why a sports project?
It distracts, redirects attention to health and unites! And also – provides an “active” lunch break.
It was during the break that the RCPH team started the relay and held the first stage of the competition. As a result, the potential composition of the winning team from the center has been determined;)

The WOMEN plus team joined in awarding the winners and accepted the baton!
We are preparing for the final competition among the winning participants.

And how do you spend your break?)