IV Gender Forum “Equal Rights – Great Opportunities”

Equal rights – great opportunities 2021.
We get so many positive reviews every year that it motivates us to do something new.
What’s new? Separate discussion panel for the public, online connection of speakers, emphasis on local communities. Next time we will “attract” foreign experience.
We thank to the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council for its support of the initiative, ME “Predstavnytstvo Prtdniprovia” for organization, to the Dnipropetrovsk Center of Public Health for cooperation, the Ostrov River Club for comfortable and cozy atmosphere, and Andriy Sukharev for audio and video support.
Special thanks to our participants for their activity and interesting discussion on the panels!
We ask you to join the survey to assess the quality of the organization of the forum “Equal rights – great opportunities” 2021: https://forms.gle/UofWmGRPWnJE2tvR8
Link to the photo of the event: https://fex.net/s/9yknlmf