Theatrical performances for vulnerable groups

Modern realities form a general state of anxiety. That is why it is important to be filled with joyful and bright events from time to time. Such properties are possessed by the theater, which pulls a person out of the traditional environment in which he is daily. Theater is the strongest antidepressant, which gives a lot of positive emotions and improves mood.

Currently, theaters organize performances in Dnipropetrovsk region for women and children, the elderly – for the most vulnerable. NGO WOMEN plus joined the organization of such shows, which have already taken place:
– for migrants in the city of Pidhorodne – a puppet show for adults “Zachepylo”;
– for children in the regional children’s hospital – children’s theatrical show “Who gives the dragon”. It is a pleasure to give smiles to adults and children in these difficult times.

We thank our partner “Dnipropetrovsk Academic Regional Ukrainian Youth Theater” (Dnipro, Ukraine) for wonderful and atmospheric theatrical performances.