We are proud to be involved in the inclusion of ICH elements in the UNESCO list

We are proud of our involvement in the preparation of the nomination dossier, promotion and work on the inclusion of elements of the intangible cultural heritage of Dnipropetrovsk region in the UNESCO lists.
Dnipropetrovsk region is a treasure trove of elements of cultural heritage. The whole world is already familiar with our cultural heritage: Petrykivka painting and Cossack songs.
This year, these elements celebrate important dates.
5 years ago Cossack songs of Dnipropetrovsk region were included by UNESCO in the list of ICH in need of urgent protection.
And on December 5, only 8 years later, the element “Petrykivka painting – Ukrainian decorative and ornamental painting of the XIX – XXI centuries.” included in the ICH Representative List.
For us, it is also a holiday, because we were involved in it, and we continue to work with communities in modern conditions.
It is now a pleasure to realize that attitudes towards cultural heritage have changed. It is perceived not as an object, but as a powerful tool for the development of local tourism.
Our heritage is our history, our identifier as a nation. So we preserve it, study it and promote it together.
You can get acquainted with each element in more detail on this site and on the site http://cossackssongs.com.ua/%d0%bf%d0%b5%d1%80%d1%88%d0…/