Attention! Competition “Legends of Dnipropetrovsk Region”


We invite local libraries and local history museums of the region to collect legends, historical tales and legends of their villages, towns, and cities.

Let’s find out together:
– where unusual names of rivers, forests, ravines, and settlements appeared on the map of our region;
– where did certain omens, customs, traditions come from;
– what legends or fairy tales are associated with the history / name of settlements or natural objects.

For this, the library or museum institution must submit:
1. Texts of legends / retellings / historical tales of no more than 3 pages signed by the head of the institution with information about the author or narrator and the origin of the text, the name of the institution, the address, the name of the contact person and the mobile phone number for communication.
2. Photo, drawing to the text or scanned copies of ancient or modern documents describing objects or signs, customs, traditions, etc. (up to 5 pieces)

Documents are submitted to the e-mail address with a mark “Legends of Dnipropetrovsk region”contest.

The competition will run from July 1 to September 1, 2022.

1. For private individuals: you can submit your applications through local museums and libraries.
2. You can familiarize yourself with the legends that entered the competition in 2020 on the page of the regional tourism website under the heading “Tourism for every taste”