ICH safeguarding. International support.

Today, a Ukrainian-Polish open round table on the protection of intangible cultural heritage in emergencies and internal / external resettlement took place.

The most important issues of today were discussed:

– threats for viability of Ukraine’ ICH because of violation basic human rights: rights for life, freedom of cultural expression and self-identification, right for language and cultural memory, other rights and behavior menacing to wipe out the ICH;

– forced relocation (deportation), internal and external migration;

– common ICH elements uniting different countries which could mitigate the negative impact of emergencies and help replaced persons adapting in the new place;

– involvement of bearers which were replaced or forced to leave their own homes to ICH safeguarding and development or providing them opportunities to practice.

Among the participants: bearers-practitioners, folk art masters and craftsmen, workers of cultural and educational organizations, regional centers for folk art, other stakeholders, including NGOs concerned with ICH.

The event will be conducted within the frames of ICH Platform Ukraine activities with support of partners: Development Centre “Democracy through Culture”, National Union of Folk-Art Masters of Ukraine, National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, NGO “Cultural Dialogue”, Ukrainian Center for Cultural Studies.