Art therapy for IDP children

Maintaining the mental and emotional state of children in today’s realities is extremely important.

Children of different ages react to stress and perceive the crisis in different ways: they feel irritable, cry, may show aggressive behavior, anger, helplessness and fear. One of the effective tools for reducing stress and overcoming the crisis is art therapy. It helps the child to overcome emotional pain, traumatic situations, aggression, anxiety, fears, cope with difficulties, correct negative behaviors.

The Dnipropetrovsk Academy of Uncertain Education (Dnipro, Ukraine) has initiated art therapy classes for children of internally displaced persons who are in the institution’s dormitory.

Supporting such important initiatives, the NGO “WOMEN Plus” provided children with everything necessary for creative activities: albums for drawing, paints, non-spills, as well as collections of fairy tales.

At this time, each of us is trying to be as helpful as possible and contribute to the cause.