Let’s vote for the ten best travel routes of communities

Warning! The ten best tourist routes of Dnipropetrovsk region – 2021 have been determined!
Following the discussion of the submitted applications, the tender commission determined the participants of the second round of the festival of tourist projects “Dnipropetrovsk region tourist”.
From 1 to 25 July 2021 – online voting on the website http://tourism.dp.gov.ua/vote-page/#arch
Choose the best of 10!
1. Tourist route of Kryvyi Rih “Weekend in the style of INDUSTRIAL Kryvyi Rih”
2. Tourist route “This is the biography of my village” in the villages of the Georgian Starostinsky district of the Lozuvatska village council
3. Tourist route of Mezhevska settlement community of Synelnykivskyi district “Feel the spirit of Makhnovist freemasonry”
4. Tourist route of the Nikolaevska community of the Synelnikovskya area “Nikolaev miracles”
5. Tourist route of Petrykivka village community of Dniprovskyi district “Petrykivshchyna – the heart of Ukraine”
6. Tourist route of Pishchanska rural community of Novomoskovsk district “Wonders of Prysamarya, giving thirst for life”
7. Tourist route of Solonyanska settlement community of Dniprovskyi district “Tourist objects of Solonyanshchyna”
8. Tourist route of Sursko-Lithuanian rural community of Dniprovskyi district “Rural paths along the river Sura”
9. Tourist route of Tsarychanska village community of Dniprovskyi district “Interesting places of Tsarychanska community”
10. Tourist route of Chernechchyna rural community of Novomoskovsk district “By the ways of the characteristic”
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