Spring meetings with ICH

At the initiative of the Laboratory of Folklore and Ethnography of the Dnepropetrovsk Academy of Music named after M. Glinka held spring meetings.
The first All-Ukrainian scientific-methodical online seminar on the preservation and development of the elements of the ICH “Living Heritage: Spring Meetings in the Dnieper” became a platform for communication of specialists caring for intangible heritage. Almost 60 participants from Dnipropetrovsk and Cherkasy regions discussed topical issues: inventory of ICH elements and maintaining local lists, reporting on measures to protect the ICH element “Cossack’s Songs of Dnipropetrovsk Region” and long-term action plan, participation of local communities of villages, settlements, where mostly the bearers of the elements and their followers live, work with creative teams that preserve ICH elements, scientific work to study the state of preservation of the ICH elements, the transfer of elements to the next generation, and so on.
An interesting experience of colleagues will come in handy.

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