WOMEN plus will help sports doctors

Do you know that doctors of the Dnipropetrovsk medical and sports dispensary know future sports stars from childhood and adolescence? And their sports result depends on the load correctly recommended by them during trainings and timely correctly diagnosed and treated.
We visited the dispensary with our colleague, deputy of the regional council Dina Miftahutdinova. Apparently saw all the medical equipment that works regardless of the date of manufacture. There is also 1966! And the equipment needs an upgrade.
Our colleague decided to help. It is planned to purchase a diagnostic automated complex “CARDIO +” at the expense of the deputy subvention, which influences the coach’s decision-making on loads for the athlete. It has ECG, Fono, Reo, Spiro channels that examine the functions of respiration, heart, blood vessels. There is another separate function – “test for Dushanin.” It allows you to determine the special properties of the body of athletes (strength, speed, endurance). The definition of these functions allows you to set a clear goal of the training process.
The complex of 2003 of development works here now. During the year, more than 7,000 athletes take measurements on this device.
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