It happens that to achieve the goal we do not have the courage, energy, a dose of inspiration. To help in such situations come books that can serve as a perfect recharge of your mental battery. After all, a good book has healing abilities – it can heal emotional wounds and teach to rejoice in every second of life. And books transform certain life beliefs, serve as a kind of “kick” that triggers the mechanism of your activity.

Mark Manson “Sophisticated art to score on everything. Non-standard approach to problems”
A guide for those who want to take a sober view of everyday life and boldly face the challenges, taking the maximum out of such situations for their own development. The book will help you to constructively perceive negative experiences and act purposefully in difficult situations. The manual is written not only fascinatingly, but also optimistically, and is much closer to practice than sugar success stories.

Regina Brett “God gives talents to everyone. 50 lessons to find yourself and your life’s work”
Each person has a unique talent. Unfortunately, most of us lose this gift of God, drowning in the whirlpool of everyday affairs, routine life. This book gives you the opportunity to understand yourself and find your own vocation, to fill life with new meaning. The book contains 50 stories from the lives of various people who found themselves in a difficult situation, but found the strength to cope with the challenges. The book teaches not to give up, not to be sad, but to act, believing in a happy ending.

Gel Elrod “Wonderful morning. How not to oversleep life”
The book, which has helped thousands of people change their lives, talks about the importance of starting the day as much as possible, describing the secret of success in a ritual lasting 6 minutes. The book teaches to wake up in the morning full of energy and motivation. This should help awaken the potential and be ready for a new phase.

Brennan Brown’s “Gifts of Imperfection.” . This book is the result of an amazing study: how people perceive their imperfections. Analyzing thousands of stories of men and women between the ages of 18 and 87, Brenet Brown came to the impressive conclusion that it is not the achievement of one’s own ideal that makes people happy, but the recognition of their imperfections. The ability of an outspoken and witty storyteller and a consistent leader in online browsing at TED to combine science with interesting history has made the book a New York Times bestseller.

Kate Ferrazzi “Never eat alone and other secrets of success through a wide range of acquaintances”
How did Hillary Clinton build her political career, and how did Catherine Graham change from an ordinary housewife to a successful Washington Post editor, how did her own mistakes make Abraham Lincoln president, and Vernon Jordan’s vast circle of personal contacts make him the most successful black lawyer? Kate Ferrazzi will teach you to communicate, and communication – to turn into success.

Barbara Cher, Annie Gottlieb “The Art of Dreaming. How to get what you really want”
“The purpose of this book is to make you a winner,” Barbara Sher, a former waitress and 44-year-old single mother of two, first addressed readers in 1978. Written easily and with inspiration, the book has helped millions of people become successful, better understand themselves and realize their dreams, turning them into clear goals and making them a reality. Interesting and original exercises will help you set goals and teach you to overcome difficulties.

Laura Vanderkam “I know how she does it. Time Management of Successful Women”
An excellent book full of practical advice on improving the time, thoughts and desires of women. The author’s useful tips make it clear how to build a schedule so that there is still room for yourself. Find a balance between work and personal affairs. On the example of hundreds of stories, a time management specialist proved that everyone can achieve everything he wants and “have everything”.

Gretchen Rubin “The Happiness Project”
What to do when you have everything, but you do not feel happy? Gretchen Rubin launched the annual Happiness Project, devoting each month to developing individual skills, such as improving relationships with a loved one, disassembling a cluttered closet, or reconnecting with acquaintances you have long since lost. Gretchen’s example has launched a marathon of projects around the world – every year people make plans to become happier and follow them according to their own needs.

Jessica Bacall “Right to make a mistake. 25 successful women talk about what their own mistakes have taught them”
This book is for those who are tired of feeling unwell while reading about the achievements of others. Twenty-five women in the pages of this book debunk the myth of absolute success on the way to the goal, telling sometimes funny situations and sometimes stories that required serious decisions.