Our congratulations to the winners of international competitions


We congratulated our countrymen – winners of international competitions with successful performances on the sports grounds of Ukraine and Europe. Titanic labor is behind every victory. We are proud of our athletes and wish them new achievements #sport #healthylifestyle #womenplus

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InterACTION in Nikopol


Our social project “InterACTION” in Nikopol. Professional coaches’ve helped representatives of local social structures to deal with conflicting situations. Ususally they working with people who find themselves in difficult circumstances. They discussed each individual case and found answers to the most difficult questions. The main objective of the project is to equip social service workers with practical knowledge. We did it! #womenplus #InterACTION

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Talent Festival-2019


The second regional talent festival was held brightly, loudly, cheerfully and tasty! The festival program has 3 contests. The first place in the artistic competition, where the communities demonstrated their singing and dance talents, took Pishchanska community of Novomoskovsk district, the second-Ilarionivska Synelnykovskyi district, the third – Nikolaiev Vasylkivskyi district. A special jury prize was awarded to the Chumakiv community of the Dnipro district. In the exhibition competition where the communities familiarized the jury and guests of the festival with the raisins of their territories, the first place was won by Mezhivska community, the second –...

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Marathon for Children’s Day


We spent a whole month with a creative marathon dedicated to the Children’s Day. We visited regular and Sunday schools, large families and rehabilitation centers, children’s sanatoria and boarding schools. For the whole month, we gave joy to the children, and they shared with us their emotions. Someone from the classics said: “Children are a visible love.” We congratulate the children on their holiday! We give them our love and we really want to give them lots of happy moments!

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Inclusion in the museum space should be


The initiative was supported by Dnipropetrovsk National Historical Museum named after D.Yavornytskyi regarding the expansion of inclusiveness in the museum space. Together with the museum staff and teachers of the Center for Correctional Work and Inclusive Education, where children with hearing impairments study, they sought ways to create the conditions necessary for visiting museum facilities for children with special needs. For the first time, employees of regional museums and inclusive educators met in this format. They found out every little thing – from the language of the guide to the signs that illustrate his stories.

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