Working under the UNESCO Convention


Organized film’ presentation of the 11 channel about bearers of Cossack’s songs – singing group “Krynytsia”. Students of Dnipropetrovsk Academy of Music named after M. Glinka, the film’s heroines, and guests received the pleasure from watching. Cossack songs, performed by “Krynytsia” and student group “Kalyta” made this meeting of people unforgettable

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Day of women and girls in science


The Day of Women and Girls in Science was held in conjunction with the Dnepropetrovsk National Historical Museum named after. D. Yavornytskyi. Participation in this event is pleasant for us too, because among our members there are many scholars and teachers of higher educational institutions. Thanks to them we know that our science is in reliable women’s hands. Within the event’ framework conducted an excursion “Woman through the centuries. Polovtschanka” and a panel discussion, attended by museum staff, scientists from the universities of the region.

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Attention! Competition “Read, Dream! Win!”


Do you know what books are useful? That reading expands horizons and develops intelligence, overcome depression? Today, Ukrainians are not even among the thirty readers of the world. We must convince that to read -is fashionable, stylish and useful! ANNOUNCING COMPETITION among children and youth under the age of 18 on the best poster-motivator. You can change this world with just one picture, just an interesting idea! Draw and get a good prize! The terms of the contest – in the Regulation

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Warning! Competition “Gender equality is …”


WARNING! COMPETITION! Do you make videos that your friends admire? Do you consider yourself a cool operator or director? Do you want to know everything about it, and at the same time get certificates for the purchase of computer and video equipment? Then this competition is for you! Make a 3-minute movie on how you understand gender equality, send it to the organizing committee and receive a reward.

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Meeting with female leaders of united communities


Presented “Gender Oblast Portrait” for women-leaders of the united communities of Dnipropetrovsk region. Women’s leadership is gaining momentum. Quantity of active women, who are not afraid to assume responsibility, not only for their family, but also for their community, is increasing day by day. Welcome to the new acquaintance and new partnership. We are open to cooperation and implementation of new gender projects

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