The modern view of gender policy


As promised – we continue the path to equal rights and opportunities. Representatives of the “WOMEN plus” participated in the conference “Modern view on gender policy”. We heard a lot about the prevention of domestic violence, trafficking in human beings, the promotion of equal rights and opportunities for women and men, and the preparation of the National police to counter domestic violence. As a result, a memorandum on cooperation was signed. It’ll become an important tool for implementing gender policy in the region.

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Equal rights – a great opportunities


It was hot, but not only the weather affected it. Hot communication in panels, exhibitions of public and communal organizations, an active discussion of experts and at the end – jazz on the Dnieper. This is how the Forum “Equal rights – great opportunities” was held. Tired but satisfied with the result. Another step towards equal opportunities!

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Teach parents to control emotions


We continue our work within the framework of the project “Be healthy – fashionable and stylish”. Met again in the warm and comfortable atmosphere of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Scientific Library. Practicing psychologist Elena Shilova told parents how to control their negative emotions in the process of child raising. Such conversations are very necessary, because positive emotions a little person in the family will influence on their grow and belief to parents.

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The cartoon festival about gender has been completed


An exciting festival of cartoons on gender was held. Summed up the competition for the creation of a cartoon, reviewed the most vivid and story works, awarded the participants and winners. 1 place was occupied by two teams of participants from the regional cinema center “Vesnyanka”: – “I’m not afraid”. Authors: Shikhov Stas, Listov Spartak, Podgorna Dariia, Pylypenko Karolina, Yavir Maria, Yavor Sophia. Supervisor: Vlasova Natalya; – Scarlet birds. Authors: Makina Maria, Kornyushenko Polina, Matiash Aleksandra, Mamkina Maya, Kurbatova Nadiya. Supervisor: Koltsova Svetlana. 2nd place – “who’s house’ boss”...

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No woman, no peace


At the invitation of Irina Grytsay, attended the festive reception and move premiere “War – Feminine” within the framework of the project “Program of the Peace and Dialogue for Internally Displaced Women”. This topic was also interesting for the General Consul of Germany, Mr. Wolfgang Mösinger, for the Deputy Director of the NATO Mission in Ukraine, Mrs. Anne-Christine Biergeen, and the chairperson of the Ifa funding program, Peter Vitchorek. The idea of the film is the history of displaced women, their children who lived in peaceful life before the events of 2014. However, they all found the power to start life over. The premiere took pla...

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