Women’s profession: break stereotypes


Very often gender stereotypes affect the profession’s choice. The most widespread is professional sex discrimination. For an average citizen, this problem seems invisible, so we decided to open the veil and show that there are gender biases, stereotypes and prejudices in society as well. On May 24 at 3 pm in the Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum (21, Shevchenko St., 2nd floor) a festive opening of the photo exhibition “Women’s profession: breaking the stereotypes” took place. The exhibition will last till June 4. Free admission. We invite all those who are interested in the visit.

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The female leader creates herself


The female leader creates herself. Her energy is charging everything around. In this we were personally convinced during a working trip to Cherkasy region. We met with the most successful and brightest representatives of the tourism business, who are not only engaged in entrepreneurial activity, but are united in order to achieve the common goal – Natalia Kornilova, Valentina Vysochin and Olesia Ostrovska. Separately, would like to mention Alexandra Buivol, who skillfully combines business and public activities, actively supports interesting initiatives of different age categories of region’ representatives. We found understanding and support in gender perspectiv...

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Talking about the children’ future and gender equality


Today took part in an interagency meeting of the Family Support Center (a joint project of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine and UNICEF Children’s Fund). Discussed healthy lifestyle’ issues, graduates’ career guidance, prevention of domestic violence, as well as gender policy. Many thanks to Lyudmila Lashko, chairman of Dnipropetrovsk regional organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, for invitation to such interesting event.

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Coordinating council on gender and family policy in work


Today, the second meeting of the Coordinating council on gender and family policy was held. New members and participants have joined the Memorandum of Cooperation. The main efforts approved the concept of the development strategy of this area, discussed the urgent issues and work plan for 2017.

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First meeting of the gender council


Conducted the first meeting of the Coordinating council on gender and family policy. Consolidated ideas offered in the framework of the forum “Equal rights – great opportunities” and defined the main areas of activity.

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